Trip to Parliament to Discuss Freshwater Farm Plans

Justin Moss and Josh Wheeler from QCONZ took a trip to Parliament in May to meet with Hon. Andrew Hoggard to discuss Freshwater Farm Plans (FWFPs). We were excited to share our learnings from the past few years.

Recently, our team has been dedicated to creating a digital solution to streamline FWFP processes and make them more cost-effective. Through collaboration with farmers, councils, farm consultants, industry experts, and our clients, we’ve gathered valuable insights that have informed the design and development of effective digital tools for freshwater plan development.

During our meeting with Associate Minister Hoggard and his team, we discussed some of these ideas and insights. We also proposed broader opportunities to simplify the FWFP framework and further reduce costs.

We believe that by improving the FWFP system and providing farmers with clear guidance and cost-effective tools, we can showcase the excellent work done by farmers to date and establish the necessary planning to enhance and safeguard this vital natural resource for generations to come.