How the QCONZ FWFP tool works

QCONZ Freshwater Farm Plan

The QCONZ FreshWater Farm Plan (FWFP) tool is designed for farmers and growers to build a freshwater farm plan using a step-by-step guide for each stage of their plan creation.

The QCONZ FWFP tool will enable you to:

  • Build a freshwater farm plan to help meet compliance requirements
  • Identify areas where there is risk to fresh water i.e. slope, effluent run-off, unfenced waterways
  • Create actions to mitigate the risk
  • Record completed actions
  • Print and share the plan

How the QCONZ FWFP tool works

Once you purchase a subscription you will be provided with a website URL and login instructions.

Simply log in, set up your farm details, and follow the steps that guide you through each section of the plan. You can save your work at any time, you don’t need to complete it in one hit!

When it’s complete, submit your plan and a report will automatically be generated for you to share. The final plan is a working document, so you can make changes at any stage. The tool has a built-in reminder system to help with closing out actions that come out of your plan.

The FWFP system has been designed with the support of the Ministry of Environment (MfE) and has the latest MfE and regional council regulations for peace of mind.

FreshWater Farm Plan system walk-through

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More about freshwater farm plans in New Zealand

The implementation of freshwater farm plans in New Zealand represents a pivotal step towards fostering sustainable agricultural practices and safeguarding the health of local waterways and the broader water ecosystem – healthy freshwater supports healthy communities, a healthy environment, and a healthy economy. It is no secret that freshwater quality in New Zealand is declining. It is being impacted by activities such as urban development, agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.