Features and Benefit

The QCONZ Fresh Water Farm Plan tool is an affordable digital solution for farmers and growers. The system allows you to easily build your freshwater farm plan using the built-in step-by-step guide.

Key Features

Wizard function

The system guides you through each section step by step, helping to facilitate a seamless completion of your farm plan. This intuitive feature ensures ease of use, making the process efficient, and enabling you to create a comprehensive farm plan with confidence.

Multiple users per farm

The software allows access for multiple users enabling farm workers and farm consultants to contribute to your farm plan

Farm mapping

The tool includes a user-friendly farm mapping feature that integrates Google Maps technology, allowing farmers to easily and accurately plot their land units and essential infrastructures.

Multiple enterprises

If you have more than one farm in the same freshwater management unit (FMU) they can be incorporated within the same plan.

Risk and action management

The tool incorporates pre-set risk and action management of land, activities, and farm infrastructure which combines into a 5 year plus action plan. But if you want to adjust or add to these, the tool will allow that as well.

Compatible with other systems

The tool is designed to be compatible with various systems, enabling easy data import from other mapping platforms. This functionality promotes seamless integration and helps the efficiency of working with existing mapping data.

Key Benefits


Affordable icon

The QCONZ freshwater farm plan tool is priced competitively to enable small-scale agricultural enterprises access and use. We love to foster digital growth within the primary sector which helps drive sustainable farming practices.

Easy to use

Easy to Use icon

The QCONZ FWFP tool is simple to use. The step-by-step process makes it straightforward for farmers to navigate, ensuring seamless integration. Its simplicity allows farmers to adopt best practices with ease, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Saves you time

Saves you time icon

The digital FWFP tool significantly reduces the time required to define risks, and actions to mitigate these risks, streamlining operations and freeing up time to allow farmers to focus on other important aspects of their work. It helps prioritise workflows, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Meets regulations

Meets regulations

The QCONZ FWFP tool is kept up to date to incorporate latest requirements of the Ministry for the Environment (MfE). This will give you peace of mind that you have identified all on-farm risks to fresh water and developed actions to mitigate these risks, based on the farm landscape, farming activities, and the local catchment.

Simple risk management

The FWFP tool offers straightforward risk management, simplifying the process for farmers to identify and address potential risks. Its user-friendly approach allows farmers to manage risks effectively, promoting sustainable practices without unnecessary complexity.

Live management of actions

The FWFP tool has a real-time management aspect that allows farmers to actively monitor the progress of the implemented actions, making adjustments as needed based on farm developments and surrounding environment.

Plan in one place

plan in one place icon

The QCONZ freshwater farm plan is a digital farm plan building tool, therefore your plan, and its’ actions, are electronically stored and easily accessible.

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